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12244701 Board DRAC VSSB Module
12244701 Board DRAC VSSB Module

12244701 Board DRAC VSSB Module

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Attention! Please Read

GM Board 12244701 is only the type of module, but not it's calibration. Modules are sold as calibrated modules based on Gear Ratio and Tire Size or a specific calibration by Broadcast and Part Number.

IF your module's case does have a label on it, fill out the "Current Module Label Details" field with broadcast code (Big Three Letters) and the GM Part Number (8-digit number under the big three letters), you can leave the "Calibration Details" two fields blank containing the gear and tire size as we will be making an OE replacement.

IF your module's case does not have a label on it, fill out the all the product options above with the current gear ratio and tire size except leaving the "Current Module Label Details" field blank. We'll then ship you a custom calibrated module of this board type matching the details of your vehicle

Optionally, you can complete all the details of the form and we will provide the best match (if gearing differs from provided broadcast and part number for example).

Gear Ratio

To find your vehicle's Rear End (differential) gear ratio, the RPO codes list in your glove box is the easiest way. This is the sticker inside the box with a lot of 3-character codes. Find the gear code, this is typically GU4 (3.08) GU6 (3.42) GT4 (3.73) and GT5 (4.10) being the most common. Another method, you can call a GM Dealer's service department and provide them with the last-eight digits of your VIN and they can tell you the factory build gear ratio.

Tire Size

Check the current tire size on the vehicle. The absolutely preferred tire size measurement will be to use the P-Metric size on the sidewall. For example: 245/75 R16, please do not provide an estimated tire size diameter when a P-Metric or true size (like 33x12.5 R15) is available as this greatly affects accuracy of calibration.