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Consulting Services For DRAC and VSSB Modules
Consulting Services For DRAC and VSSB Modules

Consulting Services For DRAC and VSSB Modules

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This is primarily the one size fits all services page for things that fall outside of sales and troubleshooting of OE type applications. Instead of turning away customer challenges and projects a consulting services product has been created. Consulting services can be used for projects you may have that require technical information and assistance with. Implementations and adaptations through this consulting service requires previous purchase or subsequent purchase of related module and supplemental components. Only Custom Calibration modules are eligible for use with this service for an adaptation, OE and DIY modules are incompatible with the adaptation consulting. Adaptations will require multiple units of the service to verify wiring methods; even if wiring work has already been performed. We do not provide simple evaluation of your install and offer troubleshooting advise for adaptations, you're paying for the time as if we were involved from the beginning. Basic information does not require module purchase but must be one specific question per purchase. Below are some examples of items that have come up.


  • Where in the specific vehicle is the module located.
  • Specific transmission with sensor compatibility.
  • Is a specific aftermarket speedometer potentially compatible.
  • Help locating my differential gearing mechanically.

  • Basic with another service

  • Decode my GM Vin for factory differential gearing.
  • contact customer service for link to alternative service
  • OE module compatible with specific tire and gears
  • contact customer service for link to alternative service


  • GM Instrument Cluster Installations (retrofits)
  • 88-91 C/K Moonbeam gauge to 92-94 Needles Instrument Cluster
  • Modules driving aftermarket electronic speedometers
  • Modules driving ECM with Aftermarket Electronic Speedometers
  • 4L60E and 4L80E Retrofits using GM TCM
  • Technical Information about a DRAC VSSB Module
  • Wiring Advise Questions (adaptation)

  • How this service works is that any custom project you will have to purchase one unit of this service, then we will consult on amount of time necessary to complete project. To be clear: emails about the possibility of an adaptation or implementation or whether something can be done at all require the purchase first, emails will not be replied to otherwise. After initial purchase and communication you may then be referred back to this page to purchase the remaining amount of time for the project. Simple items may be covered by the initial consulting question purchase. Simple questions may be how module works with a specific system or whether it applies to a system. This page will sometimes be used as a deposit page on a project, final time may be manually invoiced.

    Minimum purchase of one unit to consider custom project. You will be instructed to come to this page and purchase a specific amount of time for complete project once consulted. This can also be used as a deposit for projects whereby you'll be sending us hardware to test (aftermarket speedometer) for adaptation for example.