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UD Module - CORE Charge & Old Module Return

Sending your used replaced module is simple, using our pre-labeled USPS core return envelope. Just enclose the module in the envelope and place in your mailbox and USPS will pick this up, you can also drop off at any USPS receiving box, and that's it.

Refurbished and Re-manufactured DRAC and VSSB Modules are sold with a C.O.R.E charge applied. C.O.R.E stands for Cash On Return Exchange, plainly it means a charge applied to a purchase that will be credited when the replaced used item is returned. The core charge is applied to the product to be added to cart for checkout. Refer to your receipt to see core price applied to item. All cores must be returned to UD Module 30 Days after the tracking confirms receipt of the item you purchased. Core credits may take up to a week to be processed once received and the refund may take a couple days after being processed before the credit it visible to your original payment method. Refund credits must go to original payment method (typically card), if that is not possible (for example with a card cancellation) the refund can not be processed. Cores returned after 30-days are not eligible for refund but still accepted.

The core envelope process is only for the return of the replaced used module and cannot be used for any other return purposes. Use of the envelope for other than an actual core is strictly prohibited, usage is covered in policy and warranty terms.