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UD Module - Specializing in Refurbished Tested Replacement DRAC VSSB Modules

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UD Module specializes and offers the only quality and truely remanufactured DRAC Module, VSSB Module, GM Vehicle Speed Sensor Buffers. We support modules for both the Diesel from 90-2002 and the TBI Gas vehicle applications from 89-95.

We specialize in DRAC VSSB Modules and have customers world-wide for these services:

  • Original Application DRAC Module Replacements
  • Original Application VSSB Module Replacements
  • Custom DRAC VSSB Module Calibration - Speedometer Calibration
  • Vehicle Speed Sensor Buffer troubleshooing, repair, services.

  • Who we are and what we're about:

    UD Module is a division of Unique Diesel located in Lubbock, TX USA. UD Module services modules world-wide with a stellar reputation for success and quality. Services trusted and used for hundreds of modules sold to professional shops and GM Service facilities. You can have confidence in the module products sold here to be quality known-good consistent replacements for your OE (Original Equipment) and custom calibration needs.

    Our Creed is to do it right or don't do it at all.

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