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About this Frequently Asked Questions page

Please consult with this page for pre-purchase and post-purchase questions that you have about a module purchase. If you are reviewing this website and page prior to making a purchase that is very good as most questions can be answered here and with the information that accompanies the product you are considering. In an effort to reduce the time awaiting answers and guidance from a sales agent, information is placed throughout the website to help. The average wait time for a pre-purchase question to be answered from a sales agent may extend several days, or not be answered at all if the concern is already well addressed on the website. Using help and information on the website is the fastest way to learn about and make a purchase decision beyond traditional slow response times of assistance with a sales agent.

I am looking for a specific code module, do you have it?

Yes, we have it and can provide it immediately via the product pages on our website. For a specific code module, which we call an OE (Original Equipment) module, please use the site's navigation for OE DRAC Module or OE VSSB Module to view the specific ordering page. On this page you can enter the details as found on your current module and order the exact replacement immediately.

What if I don't have my numbers off the module?

Modules with missing labels are handled differently. If the paper label or tag is missing from the module you need a replacement for you'll need to visit the following link to learn how we provide replacements.

Note: Some modules other than the type we support on this website do not have a label from factory. These modules include applications from Medium Duty trucks like C4500 and C5500 Chevy and GMC chassis that we do not service. Make sure the module product's case and connectors looks like the design we have pictured on all our products, if not, then we don't support it. Another module combination that comes up that also does not have a label is from Chevy and GM Car variants used in the late 80's and mid-90's, we do not support this module type either. We only support the module type used in Chevy and GM light truck models. For a general idea of supported models that feature the module we service please visit the main DRAC page on this website linked here.

About Shipping Services (and shipping internationally).

UD Module ships module products promptly primarily using the US Postal Service (USPS). The standard shipping service is USPS Priority Mail which is economical and prompt. Pricing for shipping rates is currently handled within the store for registered customers who add items to cart for checkout. Shipping rates are provided as a service of this website, quotes are not handled manually by sales or customer service agents.

Shipments from this web store ship Domestically (USA) and Internationally (World-Wide). Please use the website to determine shipment ability, carrier choice, and price to your destination.

Problems with Card Declines at checkout

This website uses a live credit card processor that submits billing information details to the credit card network to gain an approval for a sale. If you are receiving a decline at checkout be sure that the billing address matches the card that is being used, this will cause the majority of declines. The shipping address can be a different address than the billing and will not cause a decline.

When will I receive my module?

For shipments using the standard Priority Mail service these orders will ship within 2-3 business days. For shipments using Express Mail service these orders will ship the following business day after a completed sale.

If you are looking for the tracking information check your email for an email from the store indicating that your item has been shipped. Additionally you can login to your store account, find your order under the My Account section and locate the tracking information within the order number.

How long do I have to return a core?

Cores have to be returned to UD module 30-Days from the date you received the replacement module in the mail. This 30-Day limit only applies for the refund of the core charge, modules are still accepted after 30 days. More information can be found on the general information page about cores here.

I purchased a module and it wasn't the problem, can I return it?

UD Module expects that pre-requsite troubleshooting occur before you select to purchase a re-manufactured module. Modules are sold as replacement units and are intended to be used as a replacement and not a test device. The warranty on re-manufactured modules is an exchange only warranty and no refunds are offered.

What is Connector Contamination?

Connector contamination is the use of chemical products on the module's connector or the mating vehicle connector. Commonly used chemicals are Vaseline (petroleum jelly), dielectric grease, or silicone products, and others. These chemical products are not useful in module performance and can cause electrical connectivity problems. These chemicals contaminate both the vehicle's connector and the module's internal connector when they are mated and are difficult to clean. For the reasons mentioned already the use of these chemical compounds voids warranty services on a module. If we detect these components on an exchange module; warranty services will be declined. To provide favorable electrical connectivity via the vehicle connector we recommend using Electronic Contact Cleaner (like CRC QD Electronic Cleaner #5103) on the vehicle's connector only (not the module).

Does UD Module provide testing services?

UD Module does not offer a service to receive and test modules outside of testing units that UD Module refurbishes for warranty concerns.

Will UD Module rebuild my module and return it to me?

UD Module does not offer to receive, test, or refurbish a module supplied by a customer. Modules are provided by UD Module through a core exchange process where a known-good tested refurbished module is provided and the replaced core module is to be returned to us. This is the most cost-effective way to provide this product service. Communication, coordination, testing, quoting, billing, repairing, shipping back and forth to a customer is not efficient and is very costly. Pricing and services offered for module exchange service is the most economical from a time and financial perspective.