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UD Module - Warranty

All DRAC/VSSB Modules carry a 90 Day Warranty on the original part. If for any reason the module fails to perform as designed you may send the module back for exchange. Suspected defective modules must be returned to UD Module for testing and evaluation. Modules shipped for for return must be packed securely and contained in static protective bag, failure to do so will void warranty. Warranty coverage is the form of exchange only and replacement is at the discretion of UD Module. Multiple exchanges for modules cannot occur only one exchange part will be serviced. Corrective calibrations can occur under warranty only during the 90 day period, excludes DIY modules. Dismantling, alteration and modification or exposure to moisture voids all warranty on the unit.

Technical Support:

By purchasing a standard remanufactured module Unique Diesel does not offer any technical services for troubleshooting your application with that DRAC VSSB module. Technical services may be purchased separately here.

Modules with Tech Support offer guidance and documentation resources provided via email only. Tech Support services does not guarantee correction of vehicle problems as this is the responsibility of the shop or owner of the vehicle to correct. The tech support is simply guidance towards finding the real problem performed remotely via email. Tech support service only available for UD Remanufactured modules, excludes DIY modules.

Module Testing:

UD Module does not test modules pre-purchase. The best way to verify you have either a defective module or a vehicle fault is to test with a known-good module.

DIY Module Warranty:

DIY Modules carry a 90 day parts warranty and offer no support. Correct application of the right type of module for the application is the buyers responsibility. Exchange units may be available for the wrong module purchased at the buyer's expense for shipping back and forth. Exchanges for OE or Custom Calibration modules will incur a handling fee.

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