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UD Module's Policy and Legal

Version 1/1/2019
Policy changes periodically due to business need.
Suggest retaining copy for your records at the time
of purchase for applying to your purchase.

Purchase Terms (How to Purchase)

Most communication in negotiation for components will be handled electronically in writing via email. Purchases of Modules occurs on this website via secure form and secure credit card processing by Paypal. Purchases are not handled over the phone. In the rare circumstance a card is processed outside of the website expect a 25% handling fee to be associated with the transaction.

Shipping Policy

Our standard effort on shipping completely paid for package items is next business day. For example; item purchased on Monday will be shipped on Tuesday. This is our best effort and is not a guarantee, but rather our goal. This applies for items shipped via Ground and Express shipping options.

Optional Same Day Shipping

If negotiated, same day shipping for Overnight and Saturday delivery options are available. In a scenario where an item is needed and is in stock on a Thursday and Overnight shipping is requested we will perform this request with a $30 minimum handling fee. The handling charge is non-refundable. Shipping expenses paid for overnight or Saturday delivery (when shipped on Friday) are non-refundable and non-disputable if the carrier is unable to perform the task in the time frame. UD Module will not request refunds or partial refunds from carriers for the result of a missed delivery schedule. UD MOdule's liability ends when it performs by delivering the package to the carrier prior to the pickup deadline for the carrier. Requests for this shipping type are only available or orders placed and paid for by 5:00PM Central Standard Time.

Return Policy

UD Module's goal is to provide quality components and solutions based on clarity and transparency of what's being offered. With that said we understand that things happen that warrant a need for customer service and exchange.

Items sold via the UD Module website and online store are exchange/replacement only unless otherwise stated, throughout the duration of the item's warranty. Please consult the product's description to identify the warranty term. Also consult with the warranty page to identify warranty terms for the type of item.

In the event of an incorrect part is received (error on our part), please make UD Module aware of the issue and we will request return at our expenses and ship out the correct replacement once the previous item is shown to be in transit.

Special order, one-off, or custom manufactured parts are not returnable for refund. This is any item that is not stocked and has to be ordered prior to shipment.

Paid Technical Support and Consultation services are non-refundable, regardless of usage or perceived value.

*** All exchange scenarios must be pre-authorized by emailing UD Module before return shipment.

Core Policy

Refurbished and Remanufactured DRAC and VSSB Modules are sold with a C.O.R.E charge applied. The core charge is visible via the handling fee charged at checkout. C.O.R.E stands for Cash On Return Exchange, in current times it means it's a charge applied to a purchase that will be credited when the used item is returned. All cores must be returned to UD Module 30 Days after the tracking confirms receipt of the item you purchased. Cores returned after 30-days are not eligible for refund but still accepted.

Transaction Policy

Occasionally an order is accidentally placed, or product is purchased in duplicate but has not been shipped from UD Module. Orders placed and requested to be cancelled also fall into this catetory. In these scenarios UD Module has a 10% or minium $10 refund fee to cover transaction fees and accounting expenses.

Right to Refuse Service Policy

UD Module reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Once a business or individual has been told that they will not be provided services by UD Module or parent company this is permanent. Successful attempts to circumvent this request by purchases by others etc. will void all warranty service and product guarantees explicitly and is considered fraud. Purchases intentionally disputed by Paypal and Credit Card processors will also result in permanent loss of services from UD Module. We do not do business with individuals who attempt or participate in "Friendly Fraud", as this is theft. Posting negative feedback publically about products and services by UD Module will result in no future business with the source customer or individual. Filing of lawsuits or letters from attorneys will also forfeit customer privileges, because if a customer and business cannot settle conflict themselves directly, they need not be doing business.

Liability Policy

UD Module is not liable for damage to property from products or advice or information received from technical services. Products sold are the responsibility of the end user to install correctly and safely also in accordance with regulations. All products and items sold by UD Module and for sale on the UD Module website and online store fall under this stipulation. Any user that does not agree with these terms should immediately request return and refund based on the return policy listed above.

This website, images, video and "content" are the property of UD Module and Unique Diesel and are Copyrighted and cannot be redistributed. Product or technical documentation (either electronic or in print) may not be altered or redistributed. Failure to honor this will result in legal actions.

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