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UD Module - FAQ

What if I don't have my numbers off the module?

Modules with missing labels are handled differently. If the paper label or tag is missing from the module you need a replacement for you'll need to visit the following link to learn how we provide replacements.

Visit this page about missing label modules.

Do I have to have a Paypal account for purchase?

No, please select the Pay with a Debit/Credit Card after you select the Buy Now button on our website. This may also be in Grey text or say Guest.

When will I receive my module?

Our standard effort on shipping is next business day. For example; item purchased on Monday will be shipped on Tuesday. This is our best effort and is not a guarantee, but rather our goal. This applies for items shipped via Ground and Express shipping options.

If you are looking for the tracking information check your email for an email from Paypal indicating that your item has been shipped. Additionally if you paid via Paypal account you can check the transaction and it will show the tracking information.

How long do I have to return a core?

Cores have to be returned to UD module 30-Days from the date you received the replacement module in the mail. This 30-Day limit only applies for the refund of the core charge, modules are still accepted after 30 days.

I purchased a module and it wasn't the problem, can I return it?

UD Module expects that prerequsite troubleshooting occur before you select to purchase a remanufactured module. Modules are sold as replacement units and are intended to be used as a replacement and not a test device. The warranty on remanufactured modules is an exchange only warranty and no refunds are offered.

Does UD Module provide testing services?

UD Module does not offer a service to receive and test modules outside of testing units that UD Module refurbishes for warranty concerns. That being said, UD Module also does not offer to receive, test, or refurbish a module supplied by a customer. Modules are provided by UD Module through a core exchange process where a known-good tested refurbished module is provided and the replaced core module is to be returned to us.

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