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DRAC VSSB Module Pigtails VSS Pigtails VSS Wire

These are the various pigtails we have selected for DRAC module and VSSB module and associated usage.

DRAC Module VSSB Module 9 Pin and 4 Pin Connector Pigtail

This is for both the 9-pin connector and the 4-pin or the connectors separately. The pigtail includes around 6" or more of wire. The 4-pin connector is only needed if you are going to use a factory cruise control.

Pigtails are from used clippings, for repair and adaptation.


Vehicle Speed Sensor to VSSB DRAC Module Twisted Pair Wire

This is for the specialty twisted pair DRAC Wire used in factory harnesses to carry the signal properly to the Buffer Module. Usefull for adaptations and to run a new signal wire to the transmission VSS and abandon a broken set in the harness for example.

Able to Purchase by the Foot, increase your quantity at checkout to the desired amount of feet you want.

Wire By Foot

These module options will be shipped out next day via USPS Priority Mail.

USPS Express Mail & International Priority Mail available at checkout.

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