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Refurbished DRAC/VSSB Module With Paid Troubleshooting Service

Typically the most conclusive step in troubleshooting a DRAC and VSSB problem is a known-good part, like one of our remanuactured modules. In the event the module doesn't solve the issue this UD Module offering includes our paid troubleshooting services to aide in the troubleshooting of a vehicle that is experiencing a DRAC Module VSSB Module suspected problem. This module will come with a printed terminal pinout diagram and contact information for the guidance and troubleshooting. The existance and offering of this paid service is a courtesy to customers to provide service shop grade assistance remotely via email. Due to the amount of experience we have with these modules we can assist in pinpointing the issue that would lead to a module being suspected as faulty. This service saves customers potentially hours in shop time because we can quickly provide procedures for testing not found in service manuals. Service only for vehicles originally equipped with a module, does not cover conversions and retrofits.

Service Benefits

Quickly Identify Problem
Save shop diagnostic time
Learn what the problem is
Learn How System Functions
Tailored to your vehicle.
Service Offerings

Module Connector Pinouts
Vehicle Wiring Diagrams
20-Email Responses
Structured Test Procedures
Advanced Troubleshoting
Service Requirements

Reman UD Module
Digital Multimeter
12v Auto Test Light
Email Access
Basic Automotive Tools

OE or Custom Calibration DRAC VSSB Module with "Tech Support"
This module is calibrated based on OE Broadcast and GM Part Number or gear ratio and tire size

Please fill the form to the right out to the best of your abilities (fields are all optional). We need to know your gear ratio and tire size and the type of DRAC module your vehicle or configuration needs. DRAC type can be determined best by it's part number and broadcast code. We can also determine the type by the application (Year, Model, Series, Engine).

This module includes Tech Support in the form email guidance through explanation of how the system works, wiring diagrams, test procecures for the module and various systems it operates. This tech support is tailored to your vehicle's application.

Includes up to 20 email responses and is based on a per incident per purchase limitation. Must own an Digital Multimeter for test procedures. valid throughout the duration of warranty on the new module.

  • Price includes tested module, and tech support.
  • $10 Core Charge (shows as Handling) applies

  • DRAC Type Setting Quality $199
    Year, Model, Series, Engine
    1995 Suburban K2500 6.5 Diesel
    Tire Size Gear Ratio
    245 75 R16 4.10
    Broadcast Code, GM Part Number
    PYT, 16185145

    These module options will be shipped out next day via USPS Priority Mail.

    USPS Express Mail & International Priority Mail available at checkout.

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