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Mounts and Mounting Options for DRAC VSSB Modules

Below are some of the various moutns and moutn accessories for mounting DRAC and VSSB modules in Original Equipment applicaitons and many of these can be used for custom mounting as well.

Plastic Tray DRAC VSSB Mount - Single Bolt & Tab

This mounting bracket consists of ABS Plastic construction and is from an OE application whereby it holds the DRAC or VSSB Module case. This bracket could be well suited for mounting custom applicaiton moduldes by creating a lot on a flat surface that is 90 degrees to a back plane where the single screw could be affixed.


Square Body 2nd Generation C/K 73-87 Style 88-91 R/V DRAC Mounting Bracket

This mounting bracket consists of steel construction and is an OE DRAC VSSB module bracket that is handy for module mounting under the dash in Square Body Trucks, primarily those converting to the quarts electronic speedometer found in late R/V Series. May be black or galvanized in appearance depending on availability.


Mounting Pegs for DRAC VSSB Tabs in various models, especially 96-2002 Savanna

Replacement mounting PEGS for various DRAC VSSB Modules, these pegs are used with the tabs on the module's case. Some applications require destroying the PEGS when removing the module (especially Savanna G2500 and G3500 Vans). Note: Most Reman modules we ship will have the mouting pegs already in place when the application shows it (Except Savanna Van). Ships via First Class Mail (shipping included in price) USA Only.

$6 Shipped

Univeral Velcro Mounting for DRAC VSSB Modules in many C/K Models

This is the universal mounting solution used by the OE in many 92-93 Model C/K Trucks and some various other models. Select this for OE mounting Velcro. Ships via First Class Mail (shipping included in price) USA Only.

$6 Shipped

Module mounting Screws from a bracket to plastic case (not other way around)

These are the knarly thread screws used to screw into a tab on a DRAC module. These screws are the OE screw, primarily seen on "S" series trucks. Ships via First Class Mail (shipping included in price) USA Only.

$6 Shipped

These module options will be shipped out next day via USPS Priority Mail.

USPS Express Mail & International Priority Mail available at checkout.

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