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DIY User-calibrateable DRAC Module VSSB Module

The Do It Yourself (DIY) DRAC Module VSSB module is a module that has been professionally modified with quality dip switches soldered onto the board for user-configuration. The DIY module is a fully tested and verified module, so you know this will certainly work for your custom project. The DIY module allows configuration based on information available on various publicly available resources. UD Module does not provide configuration support for this module and the module is not eligible for troubleshooting or consultation services.

Please Note: Module does not come with instructions for calculations and setting dip switches.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Dip Switch DRAC VSSB Module
This user-calibratable module equipped with DIP Switches is for when you want to keep your OE module and calibrate it for your own application. This module can be user-calibrated via the dip switches based on your own math and calculations for your gear ratio and tire size. This module carries no support.

  • $10 Core Charge (shows as Handling) applies

  • DRAC Type $121
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