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Custom Calibrated DRAC Module VSSB Module TBI Gas & Diesel

The speedometer calibration comes from physically reprogramming the DRAC or VSSB Module to replace in your vehicle. Whenever you change to a different (taller or shorter) tire or gear ratio on your truck the speedometer will be off. We can calibrate the speedometer back to the calibration that the factory sets on the these speedometers and more. Any possible gear and tire combination is supported with great granularity.

Why would you want to calibrate your speedometer?

  • Have an accuate measurement of vehicle speed.
  • Resolve a lagging speedometer.
  • Measure actual mileage onto vehicle
  • Calculate fuel mileage from odometer or trip-odometer.
  • Correct ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) operation.
  • Correct cruise control operation.
  • Transmission shift timing and quality characteristics.
  • The DRAC/VSSB Module afffects all these and more!

  • Custom Calibration DRAC VSSB Based on Gear Ratio & Tire Size
    This module is calibrated based on gear ratio and tire size. This calibration will get you a factory quality calibration with GM type gear ratios as well as aftermarket gear ratio combinations. Got a Ford rear differential gear in your GM with a different ratio than commonly available? No Problem! We can calibrate for any gear ratio or tire size.

    Please fill the form to the right out to the best of your abilities. We need to know your gear ratio and tire size and the type of DRAC module your vehicle or configuration needs. DRAC type can be determined best by it's part number and broadcast code. We can also determine the type by the application (Year, Model, Series, Engine).

    If in doubt about what you need to enter, contact us and we'll walk you though it.

  • $10 Core Charge (shows as Handling) applies

  • DRAC Type Setting Quality $119
    Year, Model, Series, Engine
    1995 Suburban K2500 6.5 Diesel
    Tire Size Gear Ratio
    245 75 R16 4.10
    Broadcast Code, GM Part Number
    PYT, 16185145

    This module will be shipped out next day via USPS Priority Mail.

    USPS Express Mail & International Priority Mail available at checkout.

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